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Il Giornale, Novembre 10, 2011 by Fiamma Nirenstein

The former Director of the IAEA El Baradei has minimized the risks for years. In 2005 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for “his efforts against the atomic bomb.”

There is a hero and a terrible villain in the story of the hottest potato the whole world has been trying to handle since World War II: the 25-page report submitted by the International Agency for Atomic Energy: technical, icy, precise, confirming the intention – and between the lines – the success of Iran in pursuing the atomic bomb. Yes, the atomic bomb, that is allegedly about to be experimented in ad hoc facilities which– as the text reads – are hardly designed for poultry farming or for anything else. And the nuclear warheads for Shihab 3 missiles: this is the real nature of this program– explained without flustering by the report – and it is not atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

The hero is a Japanese, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano: notwithstanding the pressures from China and Russia – and notwithstanding who knows what steps Iran may take– he was as brave as a lion in presenting to the world what instead had been concealed, downplayed and minimized by his predecessor, Mohammed El Baradei, in the same role, from 1997 to 2009.

El Baradei had a nice group of technicians to study the situation in Iran. And they reported to him who decided what to use and what to select. And he did select a lot, even if everybody already knew the truth. Actually, the intelligence agencies from half of the world (including the Arab ones) gave him information that proved reliable when compared to the facts on the ground. It was well known – as Amano’s report plainly reveals – that up to 2003, the uranium enrichment preparatory work took place in various sites and that they received assistance from very important providers, such as Russia and China. And that, after the Ayatollahs’ regime had tried to cover it up by masking it as a civilian effort, this activity was increasingly pushed underground. But this was no secret to anybody, it was just a pretence to ignore its objectives, not to understand why these plants were being built so secretly and with the help of so many foreign technicians.

This work appears to be more clearly designed for war purposes. Amano says it, El Baradei did not reveal it even if he had all the elements to do so. And yet, surprise, surprise, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 «for his effort in preventing the use of nuclear energy for war purposes». The well-meaning ideological approach of the Nobel Organizations made many mistakes, but now they have committed a blunder. El Baradei has obliged the world to face today a nightmare that could have been avoided if the IAEA had timely certified that a crazy, Islamist, extremist, anti-Western, anti-Semitic Iran was preparing an atomic bomb that can now be built in a very short time (some say it takes one year to build up a whole arsenal, some say two.... but two bombs, a trifle, can already be built today for most experts). And that he was experimenting warheads that are able to hit not only Jerusalem, but also the European capitals. And so, in addition to the categorical imperative to act contained in Amano’s report, (that at least the USA and Europe should act blocking the Iranian bank through sanctions, by ignoring Russia and China) we would like to make a sensible humble proposal to the Nobel Prize Organizers: if you want to save your face before future generations, at least take his Nobel Prize back.

Today, El Baradei is the candidate for the Egyptian Presidency. And as an enlightened layman, he couldn’t help but establishing a relationship with the Muslim Brothers and stating that the relationship with Israel is to be reviewed. However he has also been recently abandoned by his constituency. Maybe they realize the damage he did to his Country: Egypt is the main Sunni country in the area and Iran, Shiite, has only recently attached to it its amicable attention, thus hoping to expand his hegemony in the area. But this is unlikely to last. Egyptians too will not be pleased to see Iran turn nuclear.

Data giovedì 10 novembre 2011

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Plamen , Bulgarian
Pubblicato giovedì 17 novembre 2011 alle ore 08:32:11

Good article! Precise analysis. On everything: El-Baradei, his actions, Amano, Iran, etc.

Yael Taubman , American/Israeli
Pubblicato sabato 12 novembre 2011 alle ore 17:31:55

You are my heroine! You are always so "right on" about everything Israel. I will be in Rome for a few days, from Jerusalem, on November 28-Dec.1 and would love to meet you. I will be traveling with Sheila Zucker, who you have met before, but she will be going on the USA. I will be staying at Margutta 54 for the 4 days and 3 nights. Can I treat you to a cafe or glass of wine? Warm regards,Yael

Peter Rotberg , Israeli
Pubblicato sabato 12 novembre 2011 alle ore 17:24:52

Thank you , dear Fiamma for telling the True, the whole true and nothing but true Barade is not only a Nobel Prize winner -He is a Moslem who made a leage with another Moslem - Ahmadenjan to lie together to the" infidel- Ha Kofrim . Lying to the infidels is not only permitted by Isalm - it is higly acceptable while dealing with " porks and dogs" - Jews and Christians in Moslem Mentality and parlance We couldn't have expected different out come of this more than strange appointment .Who entrust a wolf with guarding the Sheep Peter Rothberg